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This is a central hub of all things related to pool in and around the St. Louis, Missouri, area. Weekly tournaments, exhibitions/seminars, league information, cue makers, and billiard rooms can all be found here.

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Joey Gray at TPC - 7/7/20 6:00 PM

Joey Gray will be in town doing some in-house clinics, exhibitions, challenges, maybe some commentary, definitely a bit of running, and who knows what else we’ll get up to during his visit. He’s scheduled from July 7th through the 9th in the evenings, but could be available during the day for more private clinics. Some of the daily details are still being worked out, but regardless of what happens, it will be a good time and well worth it.Joey is one of the fastest growing pool coaches in the game. He’s been selected as the Assistant Coach for this year’s Mosconi Cup team. Known for his one-pocket game in the midwest and proven on the MW 9-Ball Tour and other events, he poses a serious challenge to all players in any game on a pool table.

Crowbar 9-Ball Tuesdays - 7/7/20 6:30 PM

9 Ball tournament this Tuesday, 6/13, on 7' DIAMOND Tables, at The Crowbar in Overland. Open to everyone! $10 entry. Sign up at 6:30. Play at 7:00.

9-Ball at Crowbar - 7/10/20 6:00 PM

$20 entry, split quarters. Race to your handicap (A-B-C format), 3-foul, jumps allowed, loser racks. Tournament at 7:30pm, tables open at 6 for practice.APA ranks will be used to determine handicap, MO8-only players will +1 of their MO8 rating. A = 7 and above B = 5/6 C 4 and below

Lehmanns Friday 8-Ball - 7/10/20 7:00 PM

$10 entry (House adds 25%). Qualify for final tournament! Double elimination, Just $0.25 per match! Hosted by Rick Peters, call 314.406.0702 to sign up early. Food and Drink specials for Players. Handicaps based on MO8 ratings.

Teacher's 9-Ball Fridays - 7/10/20 7:00 PM

$25 entry includes $3 green fees and $2 Break'n'Run ticket. +3 Handicap system. Diamond 7' tables, cyclops balls. Open to all players. Break'n'Run Pot Raffle at 9pm.

Kenny's Friday 8-Ball - 7/10/20 7:30 PM

Weekly Chip TournamentHandicaps are skill levels 3-8, based on your current or adjusted MO8 raiting. Unknown players start as a 5.Chip tournament format:8's get 3 hcips, 7's get 4 chips, 6's get 5, 5's get 6, 4's get 7 and 3's get 8 chips. Single game, flip for the break. Winner keeps the table, loser forfeits 1 chip.Player eliminated once all chips are lost.Pays 1st - 4th, Auction with 15 or more players, House matches 100% with 8 or more

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