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This is a central hub of all things related to pool in and around the St. Louis, Missouri, area. Weekly tournaments, exhibitions/seminars, league information, cue makers, and billiard rooms can all be found here.

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Kenny's Sunday 9-Ball - 9/25/22 6:00 PM

Weekly Chip TournamentHandicaps are skill levels 3-8, based on your current or adjusted MO8 raiting. Unknown players start as a 5.Chip tournament format:8's get 3 chips, 7's get 4 chips, 6's get 5, 5's get 6, 4's get 7 and 3's get 8 chips. Single game, flip for the break. Winner keeps the table, loser forfeits 1 chip.Player eliminated once all chips are lost.Pays 1st - 4th, Auction with 15 or more players, House matches 100% with 8 or more

TPC Monday 9-Ball - 9/26/22 7:00 PM

Cheap 9-ball tournament. $5 entry, $10 side pot. Race to 3, plus or minus based on large skill gaps. Brackets on DigitalPool, reports to Fargo.

TPC Thursday Chips - 9/29/22 7:00 PM

8-Ball Chip Tournament, chip count ranges from 3 to 8.

9-Ball at Crowbar - 9/30/22 6:00 PM

$20 entry, split quarters. Race to your handicap (A-B-C format), 3-foul, jumps allowed, loser racks. Tournament at 7:30pm, tables open at 6 for practice.APA ranks will be used to determine handicap, MO8-only players will +1 of their MO8 rating. A = 7 and above B = 5/6 C 4 and below

Lehmanns Friday 8-Ball - 9/30/22 7:00 PM

$10 entry (House adds 25%). Qualify for final tournament! Double elimination, Just $0.25 per match! Hosted by Rick Peters, call 314.406.0702 to sign up early. Food and Drink specials for Players. Handicaps based on MO8 ratings.

Teacher's 9-Ball Fridays - 9/30/22 7:00 PM

$25 entry includes $3 green fees and $2 Break'n'Run ticket. +3 Handicap system. Diamond 7' tables, cyclops balls. Open to all players. Break'n'Run Pot Raffle at 9pm.

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